If you’re here, then either you’ve read my books, or perhaps you’re considering reading one of my books and for that, I would like to say: Thank you! Writing has always been a passion of mine and I can’t express how nerve-wracking wonderful it feels to finally be able to share my work with the world.

What can I say about myself? Hmm… Well, I’m a huge nerd and I soak up trivial facts about my interests, to the point that I am often referred to as “annoying” but I’m okay with that. I love anime, video games and reading (yes, I am an introvert). It’s been my joy to work with many exotic animals in the past, including scuba diving with sea lions, seals and penguins as well as helping to care for more primates than I originally knew existed. Currently, I have two rescued greyhounds, one demanding cat, and a darling ball python.

It has recently been my pleasure to be able to write full-time, so I hope to provide more frequent updates to this site, as well as short stories, reading recommendations, and, of course, publish more novels. I’d love to hear from you and answer your questions! Feel free to reach out to me via the “Contact Me” page on this site.

Current Works in Progress

Project NamePhasePercent Complete
Shattered Legacy
Book Two
Rough Draft 33%
Mage-Born Chronicles
Book Four
Fourth Rewrite15%

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