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The Mage-Born Chronicles

Sorcerous Rivalry and Mistress Mage are both available on Audible!

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The Mage-Born Chronicles is my debut series as an author and follows a roguish mage with shapeshifting powers who attempts to survive in a kingdom where the use of magic has been outlawed. With a determined mage hunter on his trail, Reshi seeks out his family for protection, only to find that a dangerous rivalry for power has put him in a more precarious position than ever. If you’re a fan of swords and sorcery, found family, and enemies-to-lovers relationships, then give my series a try! You can purchase paperback versions of all four works on Amazon.

Shattered Legacy

Crystal Awakening is now available on Audible!

Phantom Chamber is available for Pre-order on Audible and Amazon!

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Shattered Legacy is a collaboration with Andrew Rowe and his Arcane Ascension series and is traditionally published through Podium Audio. This series is a journey around Kaldwyn as a team of professional climbers embark upon a quest given to them by an unusual being. While it’s not entirely necessary to have read Andrew’s Arcane Ascension series to enjoy Shattered Legacy, knowledge of Andrew’s established world definitely gives a deeper understanding of the magic system, religion, and regional politics on the continent of Kaldwyn. For readers just beginning to explore Kaldwyn, a special introduction has been included (written by Andrew Rowe) to best explain the magic and environment of this unique setting.

Click here to read Chapter One of Crystal Awakening on my website!

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