Mage-Born Mystic Reina

To stave off my anxiety over book two getting its very first beta read, I have begun working on the short stories I plan to include in a Mage-Born Anthology. This week I worked on Reina’s tale and teased out a bit more about Reshi’s reclusive, scholarly sister. If you can think of anything you would like about in more detail concerning Reina, please message me or ask a question on the Sorcerous Rivalry page. I want to make sure I address any questions that may arise over the mage-born siblings.

In other news, I just got my first piece of fan art today!!! Waaaahh!! I’m so happy, I could just cry (totally did cry)! Please, if you ever see any fan art for Sorcerous Rivalry, always send it my way. It would make me so happy!!

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