Creative Break

So, since the Mage-Born Anthology is on cooldown for thirty days and I plan to begin the first Great Mage Hunt book on November 1st in honor of NaNoWriMo, I decided that October would be a good month for me to take a creative break. You know, rest my fingers, get some new ideas flowing, maybe jot down some character ideas and outlines for Mage Hunt, but mostly just mentally resetting myself. And so, I have spent most of October playing video games.

My plan was to play Final Fantasy X-2 to 100% completion (yes, it’s an old game and not the best FF game, but it appeals to my obsessive nature). I’ve beaten it to 100% before, but it’s been years. It took three weeks to get to the end-game content and just before I started tackling the Via Infinito (a truly painful experience, if memory serves me correctly) I realized I had screwed up my game percentage. Worse, if I wanted to fix it, I’d have to start the game over in the middle so all the previous end-game stuff I’d already done (including one extremely tedious 4-hour boss fight) would have to be done over. Needless to say, I set the entire TV and Playstation on fire before tossing them out the window.

So with one week left in my creative break, I decided to look for another old favorite game–and rediscovered my worst addiction: World of Warcraft.

I promise to try and drag myself away from this beast of a game (there’s a new expansion! And new races!!) in time for NaNoWriMo (Headless Horseman! My favorite!!!) but at this point it’s difficult to make any promises…

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