SPFBO News and a 99c sale!

Sorcerous Rivalry made it into the top four books of Team Weatherwax’s SPFBO entries and while it was an honor to stand with these great authors, the team has chosen their finalist to advance in the competition. If you have not yet read Barbara Kloss’s Gods of Men it is a thrilling grimdark-ish tale full of necromancy, intriguing magic, war and (dare I say it) a bit of romance. Amazingly written and such a strong story, I can honestly say I’m looking forward to watching it advance to the round of finals of SPFBO. Good luck, Barbara!!

In addition to SPFBO’s first finalists being chosen, there is an SPFBO 99c/99p sale going on! Many of the books on sale are semi-finalists and have been reviewed on Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO blog, so if your TBR is looking a little light (haha) pick up some of these amazing titles for cheap! I know I’ll be going over budget once again… /sigh

Happy Reading!!

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