Mage-Born Anthology Update

The Mage-Born Anthology is taking a trip to my editor in January! Eee, it seems so close now! I love this collection of short stories and I can’t want to get it into the hands of my readers. It’s been so much fun shining the spotlight on Reshi’s siblings, especially as some of them had such a limited time on the page. Each story is set as the main character comes into their magic or has to learn to deal with their magic in a society where it has been outlawed. There may even be a few hints regarding the characters in my current WIP, the Great Mage Hunt! So if you are interested in learning more about Reshi’s family, you may love these shorts featuring Reina, Eagan, Kila, Laki, Velyn and Cera–plus two bonus character stories!!

Even more exciting news: I am looking for beta readers! It’s a crazy time of year with the holidays and a few of my usual readers have had to decline, so I have some openings for anyone willing to provide critiques and feedback on the Mage-Born Anthology as it stands now. Please let me know if this is something that interests you! You can DM me through Goodreads or email me directly at:

Happy Reading!

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