Two Weeks to the Mage-Born Anthology!

I’m so excited! Only two weeks until the Mage-Born Anthology goes on sale and it was SO MUCH FUN to write!!!

I finally got around to putting in on Goodreads, so if you’d like to add it to your “Want to Read” list, you can find it here!

The anthology contains short stories from each of Reshi’s siblings’ perspectives, so Reina, Eagan, Kila, Laki, Velyn and Cera each get their own chapter, as well as a story about the announcement of the Mage-Born Bounties, which kicks off the events of Sorcerous Rivalry. If you’ve been looking to learn more about the sorcerous siblings, or just more in general about the world of Zarapheth, you’ll really enjoy this collection of short stories!

And if you’re looking for them, you might find a few characters in my upcoming series on the Great Mage Hunt!

Happy Reading!!

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