The Mage-Born Anthology Available on Amazon!

The Mage-Born Anthology is HERE!!!

I’m so excited to finally share this collection of stories with everyone! If you wondered how Reina studied magic with the fae or how Velyn got his shark-tooth necklace, these stories hold the answers! While I can’t pick a favorite (because they’re all my favorites!) I can say that Eagan’s story was the quickest, easiest story for me to write while Laki’s story was the one that took the most time and went through the most changes as I worked on it. Each story has it’s own unique voice and shows a different part of the kingdom of Zarapheth. Let me know which one is your favorite!

In other news, the first draft of book one of the Great Mage Hunt is inches away from completion. This has turned into a much bigger undertaking than initially I thought it would be and although it needs a lot of work and rework, I think it’s going to shape up into another fun, magical adventure. I’ve hidden a few characters and hints for the Great Mage Hunt series within the anthology–let me know if you spot any of them!

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