Works in Progress Report

In case you were wondering what I’m currently working on…

Great Mage Hunt Book One
The first draft has been reviewed by my alpha team and requires some work in regards to characters, timelines, and plot. My plan is to begin revising this work by mid-June and hopefully have the second draft completed before the end of summer.

Mistress Mage audiobook
Scott R Smith, the narrator of Sorcerous Rivalry, has agreed to narrate Mistress Mage! Production should begin by the end of this month and hopefully have this title available on Audible by mid-summer!

Mage-Born Chronicles #3
Yes! It’s happening! Another Reshi/Kestral book! I’m about halfway through the rough draft right now and hope to have a completed draft to present to my alpha team in the first week of June. If you read the anthology, you may have a small hint of what’s in store for book three!

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