Book Bingo Win

I’ve mentioned before that I participate in r/Fantasy’s annual Book Bingo (if you are unfamiliar with what that is, you can read about it here) and while I’ve enjoyed discovering new authors, new series and new worlds because of it, I simply have to rave about the one I just read.

The bingo square is called “Read an Author Local to You” and since I live on Long Island and NK Jemisin resides in Brooklyn, I decided to pick up The Fifth Season for this square.

Dust, rust and ashes, what an AMAZING book this is! I’ve already ordered the next two books in this series because I cannot WAIT to find out what happens. Everything about it was engaging, vivid and visceral. It starts with tragedy on two fronts and then just drags you under so slowly that you don’t realize you’re sinking. To me, the world-building was Sanderson-esque, where it’s not really handed to you, but instead you let your eyes slide out of focus and experience the world through the characters. Not every single detail was explicitly explained, so if you don’t make intuitive leaps while you’re reading, you might miss something. As a deep reader myself, I found myself going back over certain passages again and again, seeking deeper meaning and broader understanding and even after finishing it, I know I missed some things, but that only makes me more excited to finish the series so I can reread it all over again.

I am going to be screaming about this book for a long time to come and already plan on throwing it at my entire family, friends, strangers and through fast food service windows. Do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK!!!

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