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It’s finally here! I can finally share information about my first collaboration, my first progression fantasy series, and my first traditionally published book!! I am so incredibly excited to tell you all about it, but first: for those of you visiting my humble website for the first time, welcome! I am primarily an independent author of fantasy novels featuring swords, sorcery, and adventure. My self-published series, The Mage-Born Chronicles, is currently ongoing with four books available so far and a fifth currently in the works. My first book, Sorcerous Rivalry, received a few literary awards including being named to Kirkus’ Reviews Best Books of 2020. If you enjoy epic fantasy, magical battles, and a touch of LBGTQIA+ romance, then I have some great news for you at the end of this blog post!

And now, without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce that my newest series, Shattered Legacy, is not only a collaboration with the esteemed Andrew Rowe and his Arcane Ascension series, but it is also being produced and distributed through Podium Audio!

Phew! It’s been tough holding that in for so long, haha! Andrew and I actually started working on this project about two years ago, when Andrew asked me if I would be interested in contributing to his expanded universe. As a long-time reader of his works, saying “Yes!” was the easy part. Coming up with the right pitch for a new series… That took some work. In the end, it all boiled down to what I wanted to see more of within the Arcane Ascension series: more magic, more spire challenges, and more intriguingly diverse characters. After exchanging several outlines, story concepts and TONS of questions about the magic system (sorry, Andrew!) we arrived at what is now the Shattered Legacy series.

The Shattered Legacy series will be a journey around Kaldwyn as a team of professional climbers embark upon a quest given to them by an unusual being. While it’s not entirely necessary to have read Andrew’s Arcane Ascension series to enjoy Shattered Legacy, knowledge of Andrew’s established world definitely gives a deeper understanding of the magic system, religion, and regional politics on the continent of Kaldwyn. For readers just beginning to explore Kaldwyn, a special introduction has been included (written by Andrew Rowe) to best explain the magic and environment of this unique setting.

The first book of the series, Crystal Awakening, is scheduled for release on November 29th, 2022 and is currently available for pre-order on Audible. It is my pleasure to share that Crystal Awakening will have not one, but TWO incredible narrators: Travis Baldree and Emily Lawrence! Many audiobook fans will recognize Travis Baldree from several amazing LitRPG series, such as Cradle and The Beginning After the End. Emily Lawrence, narrator of over 450 different works, wields in-depth knowledge of the Arcane Ascension universe from her time playing roles in Andrew’s live-action role-playing game campaigns, as well as her time as a game-runner for Rendalir Remembered, a spin-off campaign set in the same universe. Pre-order your copy of Crystal Awakening on Audible here! Pre-order your copy of Crystal Awakening in e-book format on Amazon here! The paperback format of Crystal Awakening is not yet available at this time.

And for anyone interested in seeing some truly amazing cover art… Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for the official cover art reveal! If you like, you can follow me on Twitter, because I will certainly be sharing the link for the official cover reveal once it goes live. I can’t wait for everyone to see this beautiful work of art!

And for any new readers who would like to familiarize themselves with my writing style prior to Crystal Awakening’s release, great news! Electronic editions of my books Sorcerous Rivalry and The Mage-Born Anthology will be available for only 0.99c/0.99p through Amazon Kindle starting August 29th until September 5th (US and UK only). My original series would be considered a ‘softer’ magic system than fans from the Arcane Ascension universe are used to. The story follows a roguish mage with shapeshifting powers who attempts to survive in a kingdom where the use of magic has been outlawed. With a determined mage hunter on his tail, Reshi seeks out his family for protection, only to find that a dangerous rivalry for power has put him in a more precarious position than ever. If you’re a fan of swords and sorcery, found family, and enemies-to-lovers relationships, don’t miss out on this great sale!

Thank you to everyone stopping by to check out this blog today. I hope to see you here often! As always: Happy Reading!

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  1. Massive congratulations! So happy you got to work together with Andrew Rowe. Travis Baldree is a fantastic narrator as well!

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