Mage-Born Warrior Kila

It’s been quite a week of publicity for my humble novel! Sorcerous Rivalry received two more utterly fantastic reviews by some amazing book reviewers. If you know an indie author who hasn’t yet heard of Esmerelda Weatherwax’s TBRinder Project, make sure you tell them! The reviewers are so wonderful and the community is beyond supportive. The links for the reviews are below (although you can also find them on Goodreads):

Ethereal Pages

Jenile on Reddit

I was also r/Fantasy’s Writer of the Day on Wednesday and hosted my first AMA. I was nervous about doing it, but I actually had a lot of fun! If you missed it, I’ll link it below. If you have any questions that weren’t asked, please feel free to reach out to me through this blog or message me directly.

Writer of the Day!

Even with all of that, I managed to slog my way through a short story about the mage-born sibling Kila, who seems to be everybody’s favorite character. I believe this story has been so difficult for me because I feel pressured to make it just perfect, as Kila is so loved. I’m not certain the story is perfect yet–in fact, when I come back to it in a few weeks, I can’t promise not to scrap it and start all over again. She’s a surprisingly difficult character to work with all on her own. It would be nice if I could tie her twin in somehow… Hmm…

Next up: Laki’s short story! Can’t wait!

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