Mage-Born Stargazer Laki

Working on Laki’s story has been interesting. He had a smaller role in the book than the other characters I have written short stories for, so there’s a bit more freedom for me as a writer. For those of you who have read Sorcerous Rivalry you know Laki isn’t much of a fighter, so my first concern was: What kind of story will this be? So far, it’s a little religion, a little political intrigue, and just a hint of magic. That might all change, but it’s been fun so far. I’m hoping to finish his story this next week because….

I start Red Ink Edits on Book Two of the Mage-Born Chronicles on the 7th!!! I’m hoping to hear back from a few test readers for input, then I’ll begin editing on paper and then editing on the computer and eventually…more readers and more editing. But hey, at least Book 2 will be that much closer to release. This means I’ll be putting the next set of short stories on hold (Sorry Velyn and Cera!) but hopefully next week I can reveal the current working title of Book 2! So exciting!!

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