Edits and Rewrites and SPFBO, Oh My!

SPFBO 2018 is currently live and accepting self-published manuscripts! If you know any indie authors that have not already submitted to this wonderful contest, make sure to tell them! Spaces are limited and filling up fast. Sorcerous Rivalry has been submitted, as well as many other truly remarkable works of fantasy, so if your TBR is looking a little low, be sure to check out the list of submissions here!

This past week I finished my first round of red-pen-edits on Hunter’s Retreat and have started a few rewrites. My hope was to have at least half of the edits uploaded to the manuscript this next week, but that may be an ambitious goal considering all the rewrites I want to make. It’s going to take a while, but I know the story will be better for all this work. I can’t wait to share the next chapter of Reshi’s and Kestral’s story with everyone!

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