Hunter’s Retreat Progress Report

Well, all my red-pen edits have been added to the manuscript and the first wave of rewrites have been completed. Still need a few read-throughs to double- and triple-check for smoothness and then hopefully it’s off the the editor for polishing. In July I’ll start working on the cover art (and by that, I mean, paying someone who can art, because I am woefully ignorant on the subject) as well as sending the manuscript to beta readers. That’s a pretty boring update, sorry everyone.

In other news, I’m loading up my TBR with SPFBO books and trying to consume as voraciously as Cookie Monster at a dessert bar. I highly recommend “King’s of Paradise” to anyone looking for a grimdark story with multi-POVs and I’m in the middle of “A Warden’s Purpose” right now. I’m torn between reading another 2018 SPFBO entry, or reading last year’s winner “Where Loyalties Lie” next. Any suggestions?

Happy Reading, everyone!

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