Book Two Break

This past week has been a nice break from Hunter’s Retreat. I am once again working on the short stories for the Mage-Born Anthology I hope to put together and though I’m really excited to get to writing stories for Velyn and Cera, I really felt like I owed it to Laki to make some adjustments to his story.

Which, of course, required an entire rewrite.

Which, of course, came out worse than the first one.

So now, I’m working on a third rewrite of Laki’s story. And I thought Kila was the difficult twin. In any event, I hope to wrap up Laki’s final (fingers crossed) rewrite and move on to Velyn’s story next week. I have a fun idea for it and I hope it works out.

I’ve also been reading in my “free time” (haha). I finished both books in the Best Laid Plans series by Rob J Hayes, winner of last year’s SPFBO. If fantasy pirates is a subgenre you enjoy, I recommend these books! Currently, I am reading KS Villoso’s The Wolf of Oren-Yaro, soon to be followed by The Ikessar Falcon, which I’m terribly excited for. TBR mountain is towering with great self-published fantasy books right now and I can’t wait to get to all of them!

Happy Reading!

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