Mage-Born Stormcaller Velyn

I finally got to start Velyn’s short story this week! I’ve been looking forward to writing it as it’s just a bit different from the other siblings’ stories but just as exciting (to me, anyway). It’s at about halfway complete now and I already know I need to fix the beginning, but it’s fun and exciting and I can’t wait to share it!

I did finish the third rewrite on Laki’s story but…ugh. I still might rewrite it again. Why is this child so difficult to work with? You’d think he was mad at me for some reason. Don’t worry, Laki, I’ll keep trying until I get it perfect, but for now I have to focus on something else for just a little bit.

In other news, Sorcerous Rivalry received an absolutely wonderful review today from BriarGrey! You can check it out on the GoodReads page or you can read it on Reddit. The scariest part My favorite part is the line that says “I pretty much enjoyed the crap out of this book and want book 2 in my hands like NOW.” I promise I’m working on it, but now that there are expectations, I’m so scared it won’t hold up! Please wait while I make it perfect! /cries

Thank you so much, BriarGrey! And to everyone else, Happy Reading!

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