The Terrible Waiting Game

This week has been a lot of waiting. It’s halfway through the beta reader window and I’m waiting for that feedback to see if there are any rough patches in the sequel to Sorcerous Rivalry. My wonderful editor is halfway done with her first read through – and that’s not stressful at all. Then we have the SPFBO and the great “First Round Culling”. Six books thus far have been eliminated of the 300 contestants. My rating and review will be released on August 13th – and then I wait to see what happens next for the #teamweatherwax group. 

To distract myself from stalking these various people, of whom I hold each and every one in great esteem, I’ve been working on some short stories, reading some of the other fine works from SPFBO, and I’m participating in a 99c/99p sale with other SPFBO entrants. Check this sale out before it ends tomorrow!

You can find a list of all the books on sale here!

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