Cover Art for Book Two has Begun!

Lots of exciting things in the works this week! First, I contacted the cover artist who created the cover of Sorcerous Rivalry and he has agreed to create another beautiful cover for book two. Hopefully by next week I will have a cover to reveal as well as the book’s official title! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Second, this week I hope to be hearing back from my beta readers and my editor, so I’ll know if there are any extensive rewrite necessary. Hopefully it’s all manageable criticism so I can begin moving forward on formatting and maybe even ::whispers:: a release date!

And finally, the SPFBO review for Sorcerous Rivalry drops on Monday! Keep an eye on The Weatherwax Report to see how my entry fairs. Many great SPFBO reviews have already been released, so if you are looking for some new self-published fantasy novels to read, keep an eye on Mark Lawrence’s blog.

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