Book Two Cover Reveal…soon!

Don’t you hate it when authors are vague? But yes, quite soon I’ll have a new beautiful cover to reveal for book two of the Mage-Born Chronicles, as well as the actual book title. So far, it’s coming along gorgeously, so stay tuned!

Also, the manuscript is back from the editor, so next week will be dedicated to some pruning, preening and general cleaning. It’s looking like there might be a whole new book ready by the end of September! But don’t hold me to that, anything can still go wrong…

And the best for last: I received not just one SPFBO review this week, but TWO! Yes, the lovely and talented book reviewers Esme Weatherwax and SuperStarDrifter both reviewed Sorcerous Rivalry and it looks like they both enjoyed it! I honestly could not have been more thrilled about how my reviews turned out and if you would like to read them, you can find them on Goodreads or follow the links to their blogs below:

Esme’s Review

SuperStarDrifter’s Review

I also got my first video blog review! Check it out: Becky M’s Video Book Review!

Happy Reading!

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