Mistress Mage Monday!!!!

So excited to announce that the Mistress Mage ebook goes on sale Monday! Pre-orders are available now if you just can’t wait that long. The physical book is currently under review and should be available within the next 72 hours. This is it, everyone! The conclusion to Reshi and Kestral’s story is here!

That’s not to say there couldn’t be more Reshi/Kestral stories at some point. My current project is finishing the rough draft of the Mage-Born Anthology and after that, I plan to begin work on a prequel series that explores the Great Mage Hunt that occurred nearly thirty years prior to the events in Sorcerous Rivalry. I’m equally excited about each project and hopefully my readers will be too, but if you want more Reshi and Kestral, TELL ME!! I love to hear from readers, either here on this blog or via email: ByKayleighNicol@gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy Reading!!

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