Mistress Mage and the Mage-Born Anthology Updates

Mistress Mage is now live on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats! Tell your friends, update your holiday wish lists! The cover is gorgeous and it wraps up Reshi and Kestral’s story so you know you’ll want it!!

And the other exciting news: The Mage-Born Anthology is a complete rough draft, printed and bound and sitting for my mandatory 30-day quarantine. Presently, it is a series of short stories featuring each of Reshi’s siblings as teenagers coming into their magic, plus two bonus character stories. (Who, you ask? Wait and see!) As these stories take place before the mage-born bounties were announced, one or two characters from my planned Great Mage Hunt series make an appearance as well. I can’t wait to share this with everyone!

Sometimes it still seems crazy that I’ve self-published two books. This time last year, I was just beginning to first draft of Sorcerous Rivalry and wondering if it was worth continuing–especially coming up on a cross-country move as my family and I were at the time. I’m so glad I stuck with it; becoming an indie author has been one of my proudest achievements to date. Self-publishing certainly isn’t easy to do, but it’s been a labor of love and I look forward to creating more and more works to share!

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