SPFBO Team Weatherwax Hopefuls Announced

In June of this year, I entered Sorcerous Rivalry into the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off contest run by Mark Lawrence and was lucky enough to be assigned to Team Weatherwax. Just this past week, Team Weatherwax hacked and slashed their way through their thirty-one books and announced nine books as “hopefuls,” from which they will choose their semi-finalists–And Sorcerous Rivalry made the list!!! So excited and honored to have made it this far, especially considering the quality of many of the titles and authors within the Team Weatherwax group.

If you are looking for any SPFBO recommendations, my favorites so far have been The Gods of Men by Barbara Kloss, Kings of Paradise by Richard Nell, Kingshold by DP Wooliscroft and Hero Forged by Josh Erikson. I have a lot more SPFBO books on my TBR that I can’t wait to get to!

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