Happy New Year, Readers!

I love the New Year! New reading goals on Goodreads, new books to add to the unattainable heights of TBR Mountain and, most importantly, new writing goals! On the docket for this year:

  • Publish the Mage-Born Short Story Anthology: Should be ready sometime in February, if all goes well!
  • Finish rough draft of the Great Mage Hunt: Perhaps by the end of January? This one’s dragging a bit and needs a good deal of work.
  • Write and post a short story set at the end of Mistress Mage: Sometime soon! I promise!
  • First round of revisions and edits on Great Mage Hunt: Ideal date would be in March or maybe April.
  • Begin rough draft of next WIP: February or March. What will it be?? The second GMH? Or maybe a return to Reshi and Kestral? We’ll all have to wait and see!

Any exciting reading or writing goals for 2019? Or are you waiting for some highly anticipated new release? Share them in the comments!

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