Writing Breaks for Pets

I don’t know how most indie authors write their novels, but for me, it is completely normal to be interrupted by cats walking across the keyboard and dogs thrusting their heads under my hands. And every now and then I have to deal with a cranky iguana throwing his food bowl against the glass of his terrarium. Pretty standard, as far as my day goes.

But this morning, my gorgeous little greyhound girl had a nasty sore on the inside of her leg and since she wouldn’t tell me how she got it (and believe me, I asked) we had to make a last minute trip to the vet. Luckily, baby girl did not need stitches, but if it gets any worse, they want her to come back for x-rays. Right now it’s just pain meds, antibiotics and warm water washes. And, if at all possible, rest. Which, of course, if the hard part because baby girl does NOT like to be told what to do. And if there are squirrels to chase, by golly, she is going to chase them! So, yeah, that’s been my morning.

Hopefully this afternoon I can get back to working on the rough draft of Great Mage Hunt, which I can already tell is going to need a complete overhaul in the editing phase. But at least the feedback on the Anthology is good and soon that will be off to the editor, and then maybe a cover soon (Yay!!). I’m currently reading my way through the SPFBO finalists and right now I’m loving the sort of steampunk-esque elements of Symphony of the Wind by Stephen KcKinnon. If you like mystery and multiple character POVs and airships (really, who doesn’t) you might want to give this one a try!

As always, Happy Reading!

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