Book Blurb for Mage Prince

Just a little news about the upcoming book three of the Mage-Born Chronicles: Mage Prince. I’ve gotten notes back from my wonderful and lovely beta readers and have a list of suggestions, corrections and changes to make before the book goes off to the editor. I expect these alterations to take up the rest of June and then it will be off to the editor. I’m hoping to begin looking at cover art as soon as July, so hopefully I will have both a cover reveal and a free short story available by August. As always with self-publishing, the release date is a little fluid, but for now I am targeting a late summer or early fall release for book three. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Back of the book blurb for Mage Prince:

Following the fall of the mistress mage and the untimely death of the old king, King Vanikolanestra and Mage Prince Jereshin work tirelessly to end the slavery of the mages of Zarapheth and restore magic to the realm. Old noble families are restored, the mage guild is revived and reparations are made against the old king’s crimes. All seems peaceful as Reshi seeks to set aside his crown in favor of Niko’s child and the upcoming heir ceremony.

But as ambassadors from foreign nations flock to the capital to witness the ceremony, latent foes begin to emerge. A band of rebel mages vow to wage war unless a monarch of magical blood sits on the Zaraphethan throne. A foreign delegation from a mysterious kingdom arrive with a hidden agenda of murder and magic. And ancient beings stir beneath the very stones, gaining strength from Laurana’s final bargain. Enemies within and without seek to set Niko and Reshi against each other as the rhythm of war threatens the kingdom once more.

Look forward to Book Three of the Mage-Born Chronicles: Mage Prince!

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  1. Can’t wait for this one to be released! I’ve really enjoyed all your books so far. “Storm Front” is easily one of my favorite short stories out there.


    • Aw, that’s so kind of you to say! I loved writing Storm Front SO much and I’m always grateful to hear that people enjoy my collection of short stories. I can’t say we’ll see much of Tawni from Storm Front in Mage Prince, but maybe he’ll make a reappearance in another work sometime… (wink, wink!)


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