An Aside with my Cat

So, confession time: I spend large portions of my day writing on a laptop in my recliner. It’s very comfortable and pretty much my favorite thing ever. Except lately, my cat has taken to sleeping on the footrest of said recliner, which I don’t mind until I have to move, get up, or simply stretch my legs. And then he makes me feel like I’m the worst person in the whole world for disturbing his slumber. He is pretty quick to forgive–or at least, pretty quick to jump right back up onto the footrest as soon as I get comfy again.

I have tried redirecting him to sleep other places in the house, places where he will be disturbed far less (because as we all know, writers need caffeine and snacks in order to be creative, haha!), but so far, I have found nothing he wants so much as to curl up on my feet. I started carrying him to his cat tower, or to squares of sunshine through windows, or to the other cat, but nothing tempted him as much as the recliner’s footrest. I even started setting up a little space for him on my bed with a heating pad, in case it was the warmth he was looking for, but no. He only wants to sleep by my feet.

Until now! I found a new favorite spot for him that he loves even more than me (which is only mildly insulting) and I found it completely by accident.

A brief explanation: A video game I have been waiting for finally released this week (Yay, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town!!!) but the recliner is too far from the television for me to read the screen, so I’m using a camp chair to sit closer to the TV. As it turns out, camp chairs make the best cat-hammocks ever! Now my cat gets to sit near my while I type all day and I get to get up and stretch my legs (or gets snacks) anytime I want without disturbing him. It’s a win-win!

At least…it is until I want to play my video game and have to evict him from the camp chair…

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